Welcome to the Polycentric Development TOOLKIT,

this web site has been developed within Work Package 5 of POLY5 transnational project that aims to define tools and methodologies to improve the quality of planning, design, implementation and management of Major Transport Infrastructure (MTI) in alpine areas.

This TOOLKIT is designed for any public or private subject that needs to deal with the many challenges that the construction of a MTI offers. In particular, it focuses on the ultimate goal of polycentric development based on the implementation of local development models able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the infrastructure in all phases of its life-cycle: design of the infrastructural project, implementation during its building and management, once the infrastructure is functioning.

The content of this TOOLKIT is the result of practical experience of POLY5 transnational project partners that aim to provide innovative transnational solutions to common problems, which affect mountain areas at risk of marginalization because of the passage of a MTI, providing instead development opportunities in a balanced and polycentric perspective. Please, move forward to the "Toolkit Search" section.