infrastruttura ferroviaria


Dear user, if you want to add to the TOOLKIT a new tool developed by you please follow these simple steps and send all filled documents to, thank you.

  1. Download and fill in the POLY5 TOOLKIT specific tool description template ("STD") following the instructions of the "STD Guidance".
    This document wants to be a guide to follow to help you to systematize in a comparable and consistent way the tools that are being developed.
    The various items can also contain multiple and articulated answers or even (in some cases) remain empty.
  2. Download and fill the POLY5 TOOLKIT filter selection to describe which combination of filters will take the user to your tool.
  3. Please send us the documentation to be attached to your tool to better describe it (preferably in PDF format), e.g. presentations, templates, manuals, flyers, etc.
  4. Please send us the logo of your institution, region, municipality, company (preferably in JPG/PNG format).